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HIGH LEVEL NEGOTIATION is an in company training in English: a high-impact learning experience tailored to your company’s needs.  Our custom program focuses on identifying critical issues and formulating solutions that deliver value for your executives and your organization.
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Many opportunities are lost through poor negotiating:

  • You risk losing a customer, a colleague, a partner because of failed negotiations;
  • If the other party is a better negotiator, you end up with a bad deal and lose profit as well as margin;
  • A badly handled negotiation causes a loss of time and engenders frustration and stress;
  • Poor negotiation costs you a lot of money.

Good leaders are invariably effective negotiators, not only externally but also internally. HIGH LEVEL NEGOTIATION teaches participants to achieve their objectives in a fair and legitimate manner, through efficient communication with the other party.

It assesses the participants’ negotiating style and suggests ways of improving and broadening it. It gives them a better insight into the other party’s way of thinking during negotiations and tells them how to address this.

This training – which is given with a healthy dose of humour – will boost participants’ self-confidence, create greater flexibility and improve communication skills.

The most effective negotiations are those that create long-term sustainable value for both parties.

And, the surest way to achieve that value is with HIGH LEVEL NEGOTIATION, a powerful strategy that takes into consideration all elements that comprise the architecture of a deal and the process for achieving it.

Experience shows that HIGH LEVEL NEGOTIATION dramatically improves negotiation results. This makes this seminar an excellent, cost-effective investment.


Participants learn to apply their newly developed competencies for corporate advantage.

These development opportunities are grounded in field-based research and closeness to practice, providing actionable learning for individuals that quickly translates into sustainable results for companies. HIGH LEVEL NEGOTIATION is taught by means of concrete, practice-based lectures and exercises.

These exercises require the participants’ intensive participation. The ideal group size ranges between 10 and 20 people. The seminar is in English or Dutch. HIGH LEVEL NEGOTIATION consists of two two-day sessions. Day 1 and day 2 are held consecutively, whilst the second two-day session (day 3 and day 4) is held a few months later.

Before the beginning of the programme, participants will be invited to submit practice-based cases, which will be dealt with during the final day in order to gear the seminar as much possible to the participants’ personal experiences. HIGH LEVEL NEGOTIATION takes their talent further.


Today’s business context is becoming increasingly competitive. Achieving volume as well as profitability is no sinecure. Competitors offer sharp conditions, whereas customers and prospects tend to negotiate more and more frequently.

Your task is not simply to get the deal but to claim as much value as possible.

Participants start with a price negotiation between a prospective buyer and a seller. Next, it is examined how the negotiators can improve results. The dynamic of competitive negotiation is analyzed:

  • How do I obtain the best price?
  • How do I fix my objectives and limits?
  • How do I discover the opponent’s objectives and limits?
  • Should I make the first offer?
  • How high should my first offer be?
  • Should I be reasonable or extreme? Flexible or firm?
  • How do I deal with an extreme opponent?
  • How can I get the customer to pay more and at the same time make him feel more satisfied?

However, negotiations generally involve more than just the price:

  • How do I obtain the best conditions?
  • Should my attitude be cooperative or competitive?
  • How do I obtain the vital information that will make the deal successful?
  • How do I obtain good results and at the same time develop a good relationship?
  • How internal negotiations are best conducted?

The aim of the exercise is to put the method taught into practice: creating practical, productive and lasting agreement.


What can you do to increase your ability to negotiate deals, influence peers, persuade investors, avoid needless conflict, improve financial terms and influence decisions of business partners?

Participants are taught the seven success factors of effective negotiating.

  • How can I make a better deal?
  • Should I speak or keep silent during a negotiation?
  • What information do I give, what information do I not give?
  • How can I obtain information from and about the opponent?
  • How can I make the opponent change his mind?
  • How can I improve working relations?

HIGH LEVEL NEGOTIATION teaches participants to prepare negotiations systematically. During this seminar, we will discuss the checklist every negotiator should use if he is to avoid surprises.

An exercise spanning the entire day enables participants to put the method into practice enhancing personal effectiveness.

You are negotiating not just the deal, but also the relationship. HIGH LEVEL NEGOTIATION is aimed at teaching participants how to achieve an optimum result in a friendly and polite manner.


How can you improve the outcomes of your negotiations with business partners, clients, vendors, and employees?

During a negotiation, we create added value through an open and emphatic attitude whilst adopting an assertive and ambitious approach to claim value.

Buyers and sellers apply different mental models. Participants analyze available negotiation tactics and learn to select from an array of moves which can change the situation to their advantage.

  • How can I recognise the opponent’s model and diagnose the negotiation problem?
  • How do I set the stage for productive negotiations and how can I use this to my advantage?
  • How do I obtain concessions, breaking through standoffs, stalemates and deadlocks?
  • Why are some opponents inflexible, how do I break through this attitude and build a successful relationship?
  • What tactics and tricks are used, and how do I react to them, dealing with obstacles and complicating factors?

Much attention is paid to package deals, since we often negotiate about different topics at the same time.

  • How can I make the most of this whilst establishing a strong, long-term relationship?
  • How can I establish favorable financial terms and contracts with suppliers, producers and consultants?
  • How can I influence partnerships, joint ventures and mergers?

HIGH LEVEL NEGOTIATION exposes the connections between negotiations and tenders or RFQ’s. It brings together negotiation and auction strategies in a meaningful way, providing the jargon-free, empirically sound advice the participants need to make the deal.


During the final training day, all the above elements are integrated into one practicable and comprehensive system.

We often negotiate about several topics at once, sometimes with several parties sitting together at the negotiating table.

  • How do I gain control over such complex negotiations?
  • How do I build effective coalitions?
  • How do I discover hidden agendas and deal with them?
  • How do I recognise the game that is being played and how do I ensure that I turn out to be the winner?
  • How do I change the game and learn to combine tactics and strategy?

HIGH LEVEL NEGOTIATION offers a full array of custom learning solutions. The participants’ own cases are solved by applying HIGH LEVEL NEGOTIATION.

The negotiations conducted by the participants are discussed, first in a small group and then in a plenary session, before being tested against the seminar leader’s experience and knowledge.  HIGH LEVEL NEGOTIATIONhelps to make the diagnosis, whilst the group generates solutions.

Participants are taught to apply HIGH LEVEL NEGOTIATION in their own negotiating environment, even in adverse circumstances or dead-end situations, or when facing tough opponents.

This approach teaches participants to apply the concepts to their own situation. This should result in a tailor-made, systematic negotiating technique for recurrent problem cases.

Participants will be able to apply the concepts they learn to facilitate improved working relations and enhanced organizational effectiveness.

The content described above only serves as an example and can be adjusted by the seminar leader following feedback.

  • Een absolute aanrader. Boeiend, bijzonder leerrijk, gestoffeerd met allerlei tips en trics, veel praktijkvoorbeelden, gebracht door een unieke, humoristische ervaringsdeskundige die uitzonderlijk gezegend is met de gave van het woord. Ik kan dit in mijn dagdagelijks professioneel, sociaal en zelfs familieleven maximalistisch gebruiken.

    Guy Schiepers, Advocaat-Partner Lijnrecht Advocaten

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